i dont know why, but i thought about wario land 3's credits music again recently.

then it just opened the memory floodgates for the whole game again.

i got reminded of how small and well made the levels are, of how fun the bosses feel to fight, i thought about the game over screen, that you can only see in one place, because otherwise you will not die.

...i wish i had a memory

a memory of beating the game for the first time, a clear memory like "it was late at night, i was hiding under my covers with the game boy color and when i saw the final boss i nearly screamed in surprise! thankfully, nobody heard me so i could keep playing without having my console confiscated for the 8th time this week. i beat the boss with some ease." and here i really wish i could say "then the credits rolled and i cried tears of joy."

thats what happens when i listen to the cridits, it holds such a dear place in my heart i sometimes tear up listening to it.

i do have a very clear, very specific memory of the game! here it is

i currently live somewhere in canada and i also did back when i was younger, one day my parents decided to take a trip to the US to visit a friend there. i took my gameboy color with me, not sure if i brought more than one game because i dont remember anything but wario land 3, and being stuck on the first boss. there was a boy older than me in the house where i stayed, he saw me play the same boss about 10 times and must have said something like "here, let me try." AND THEN HE BEAT IT SUPER QUICKLY!!!!!

i cant remember struggling with any boss after that.