YAWN good morning, even if its 2:33PM

this is a quick little status update talking about how


remember that part where i said "i will strive for minimum effort! to be able to conquer the interwebs with my words, i will need many posts, this is a great idea and i will in no way return to old habits" yeah well i know its a quote and i didint say EXACTLY that but thats what i really wanted, its a quote in spirit, a spirit quote

the gist is, im writing posts that are too long

thats no problem for me of course, its just that they might take a full week to be written? (maybe the ghost of perfectionnnism is haunting my blog already and i should hire a ghost buster)


just had an idea

im really REALLY new to blogging, even on a reader point of view. ive started using neocities to just look and see what other people are making and i found so much things that make me glad im here to find them. so its gonna sound obvious to most people reading this because they expected a blog and im giving text??? maybe??? i have no idea what a blog is and what people use them for, ive seen journals, talks about game design and nice pictures to wrap is all up, even GIFs sometimes!

my idea was simply "lets talk about what im doing, not grand narrative, well stuctured stuff" and i feel kinda late for having this idea because its what this tool, Zonelets, was made for. just go out there and serve text on a fun interface.

i know why i wanted to make this update post now. i get distracted and have too many ideas floating around in my head, hopefully writing all of this down is just one more step to not caring. dont care, dont think, just write and have fun doing it, yeah, i can do that :)