Ruining videogames sounds fun, lets try that

Was probably what i thought when i started experimenting with the idea to make THE ULTIMATE UNACCESSIBLE GAME!!!

turns out making such a monstrosity is easy here, check it out!

what i was thinking of doing was a bit more playful, like an in joke among friends. i wanted to compile a side game, put that thing on a floppy drive so then only people with the drive could progress in the game. well then nearly nobody would be able to play it that way, shipping the disc and managing who currently has it, guess what, someone thats really cool did that too

my goal all along was really to make lost media, a memory as soon as you are done playing it IF YOU COULD EVEN PLAY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!

thing is now that i think about it while writing this, another way to make it feel lost could just be to hide a ton of secrets in it that you have to find in conversation logs, imagine how cool that would be. you are reading archived text logs in a discord server, and sometimes the made up fantasy dev says something like "fuck, i hate this damn awful shit bug" (they are really angry, they had a rough day and trying to program with no energy is not a good idea) someone else replies "you know what to do about it, you have told me in dms so many times what you need to do, just code the debug mode already" then the dev says "FINE" and you later learn that the K key opens a menu. to access the game at all, you needed the invite the the dicord server, maybe the game wont even be pinned!!!!!

there are many problems with a grand idea like this, one obvious challenge is the filler, you want to have enough nonsence that characterises the people you are slowly learning more about, (the memos karkat from homestuck makes come to mind)