my memory is really bad sometimes, or maybe its all the time, i just dont think about hard to remember things often

i am currently watching monogatari (currently at mayoi jiangshi) and im very happy that i like the series as much as i liked bakemonogatari again, kizu and nise took me off guard but are also very good

i wish feeling tired didint feel like being weighted down, that unfair, its life making it harder to get to bed when you should! bad life, no treats for you tonight.

having multiple looks at a peice of art is always the best idea if you like it a lot, maybe it will give you something different at another point of your life, maybe you didint understand what it was trying to say, or got no meaning out of it.

i feel like i heard a sunsetter(from homestuck) remix somewhere but i cant remember where or what it was called, whoops

good luck to all my friends feeling mental or physical pain, i hope it ceases or diminishes so much its not a problem anymore

have a good night!