So ive been rereading homestuck with a friend, we reached cascade some days ago, i already forgot when :P it hasent even been a week and i forgot!!! haha

thats one reason for my lack of postage, the other one was i wanted to see if i could not post here and not feel guilty about letting my readers down, but thats ok because i dont know if i have readers or not! this way, writing here is a completely stress free experience, it was nice being completely, like not even a single break, consumed by homestuck but this time with a friend, we read the whole day, i think it was 500 pages, so much fun!!!!!!

and then i started reading Vast Error, and woah, like WOOOOOOOOOOOAH

i did that, for the last 2 days, reading almost nonstop, taking the occasional break to watch some simpleflips, eat somewhat(so you get a good peice of homemade white bread and you toast it, after toasting, butter it AND PUT SOME HONEY ALSO!!!!!!), and usual distractions, staying focused on things, even things i like, is hard, but maybe it also isint as gripping as homestuck

There are really not a lot/no character bulding moments that are calm(ive only read up to EOA2 so far... but thats still 1000 pages, thats actually a lot) i might be super wrong because of my turbo garbage memory, it feels like all there has been was stressful situations and time sensitive problems, well thats also kind of homestuck's whole deal, never a moment to WAIT A MINUTE I FIGURED IT OUT, even if homestuck has bit countdown timers that could kill characters, it still takes time to do stupid things and waste time, making the atmophere more relaxed, vast error dosent have these moments because lots of bad things are constantly happening to everyone, after act 2 that might change though, cant wait to read more tomorrow, gotta sleep now!