alt post title : Vast error and godfeels binge ended with me needing to talk about them or i will explode

i really did not expect this to happen, i swear i didnt, but here we are, ive read the entirety of vast error to current date(not snowbound blood IL GET TO YOU NEXT), the I2S2 flash will be out after one update, thaumatrope is also amazing and i finished godfeels up to this current date(part 3.1 chapter 7)

The spoilers below will have multiple nested stages, i will start with a pitch, something to try to interest readers into checking out the stories and then i will talk about my thoughts on each part i see fit to seperate in their own segmented spoilers, HERE WE GO

Vast Error

12 Trolls pl- nah im just kidding, so what vast error tries to do is show you that there is a way out from trauma and anxiety, that you can fix yourself, but it wont be easy, nothing is EVER easy. this story is packaged in the "Homestuck" format, i meant like its readable in your web browser and has some cool surprises along the way, its somewhat text heavy but this time there are less conversations that just have the job of characterising, you are dropped in the middle of kind of a big deal but you dont know that AT ALL yet, who knows what will happen because this story is ongoing. The logical place the start a story like homestuck is in


Welcome to the end of act 1! was that animation nice? those are called end of act flashes, this one was EOA1 for short. so that was a LOT of information, multiple weird and unexplained things happened, but hopefully you get what these people are like, at least a tiny bit. i realised recently that homestuck was more about the characters than the grandeur of the battles/events the entire time, it took me a reread and getting to act 6 again to realise haha.(Side note, maybe thats true but this is all such a mess i cant bother explaining my thoughts about this in detail here AAAA THIS PARAGRAPH IS GETTING OUT OF HAND)

Vast Error does the characterising job real well, i got everyone's deal very quick and was really eager to read more. the first thing i thought after finishing my watch was "wow this music could be better" AND I WAS WRONG, SHUSH PAST SILVER you dont GET to have music opinions now, MY NEW OPINION ABOUT THE SONG IS yeah its real nice, it grew on me a lot with relistens.

What a great start to an adventure! now


Will be a bit longer but... WAIT HOW ARE WE ALREADY HERE??? i dont need to turn my blog posts into meta- ah who am i kidding i LOVE this stuff!!!

and then theres godfeels

OH BOY let me tell you about godfeels can we talk about godfeels ive been dying to talk about godfeels all day(maybe a bit too much)