Lately ive been all over the damn place with how i feel, had a panic attack earlyer cause i did not know how to vent to either dex or some trans friends i dont think i deserve to talk to for some reason????? fucks sake i hate thinking aout things

so im writing this here for me, so i can remember what ive been doing the past few days, which is basically sitting at my computer, trying to open games but actually watching movies and shit, thats fun(i should have dated the metropolis WIP) and i dont really know when i stopped watching shit or watched anime with joyce anymore, guess i could check her list for my memories??? this is so fucked

so played sea of theives with boshy + read homestuck on the 11th im pretty sure, i think the same day i watched metropolis, finished being john malkovitch tonight and watched one more monogatari medusa episode(2).
On the 12th Dori came over, i hugged him a lot while being self concious about the cuddles that were too much like how i cuddled with her.

i dont recally anything but those 3 days, i could go check the blog and i will right now, brb future me


ive been looking in my laptop and found wonder and treasure troves
i have never written this much(this blog) before, all those little stories, or attempts of them, are all scattered but so beautiful, so hopeful. i want to talk about the narrator now.

So i read this librarian manga for like 2 seconds about a librarian that dies and gets isekaied but like, the really unsettling part was that she fused with a little girl. and i dont fucking like that. i dont like tihnking about that little girl having hopes and dreams and then those being overwritten by the librarian's. so i came up with a solution, my character dies and gets reincarnated each time, but only into dead bodies.

I wanted to use this as a tool to link cool ideas toghether(this was probably very inspired by mushishi) and i still like it! its a good idea! and now i talked about it somewhere else than my head. now all thats left is BLANK. that was my main game project, bit too complicated to explain in full here even to myself, i got to go sleep.