5:38 PM

DONT GET HIGH, a cautionary tale

i liked to eat some candy to get myself sick a bit, J u S t T o K n O w W h A t P a I n F e E l S l I k E... lol

point is i smoked too much and got kinda fucked up... i should try to never do that again maybe... SIKE

was like a solid 13/10, only problem was a social interaction with someone i like, and i was slower than usual after having bascially a breakdown earlyer.
so, for my experience with weed, its literally a painkiller, it makes me feel numb, i dont know if thats how other people feel... fuck its like, one day later, 12 hours of sleep and like a whole day awake and its like i still feel it a bit. probably just my imagination. i wonder what happens when i smoke it when feeling, doom, like im gonna die... hopefully thats not a bad idea. how about i dont find out