1:34 PM

Welp... im looking at my library of games on steam and saw that i still had Hired Ops installed... and i felt sick thinking about it

A few months ago or many, i tried playing many different battlefeild games... it was fine... but i cant imagine paying for these games, seeing them die like the live service things they are, play for a while, complete objectives and not feel fulfilled... so im looking at the shooters i have installed and think "hunt showdown really is the ony shooter i care about anymore"
Oh look, these killing floor, will i ever play those games again? will i be tempted by the fucking currency meta????
no... hades exists. so yeah, uninstall in the garbage it goes.

im trying to drown my problems in noise again, fuck i should rest on my bed goddamit, just for a bit, dumbass go do it


the benefit of having an online journal is that you can update it from any fucking computer. rabbit eat my ethernet cord, i feel like shit, i dont want to message joyce.

6:36 PM

i messaged her and it was great!!!
Nothing to worry about. Im glad i have good friends.