aaaah, yes yes, welcome back, welcome back.

Someone asked me a very simple question : "What is the greatest sword in monster hunter."

Now this question isint very complicated, its just "what weapon do you prefer" but see, thats been changing lately.

I first started with dual blades because i like speed, and being able to evade the slow stomping beasts has been really easy with those. Actually hitting attacks though? not so much luck with those. this is talking about monster hunter world for further context(curse fighting anjanath with the dual blades). then i tried longsword after beating the game and it rocks, its an absolute beauty. too bad i cant make a post called "the quest for the infinite combo" because the game makes doing one so easy. i have had quite a lot of fun sheathing, doing an iai slash to charge my guage then unleashing the coolest attacks like the iai spirit slash or the helm breaker attack(im not sure if im getting any of these wrong but oh well if i do).

But now, for various reasons i will not get into here, i am playing the ps1 game (japanese version with an english patch to play on private servers) and the psp game monster hunter freedom at the same time. AGAIN FOR VARIOUS REASONS I WILL NOT EXPLAIN DAMMIT.

in these two games i only have 6(7) weapons to choose from. this limits my choice quite considerably.

What if by fighting with all the weapons i find a new favorite? what if dual blades remains king(as it should). What if longblade manages to woo me into its legion of adoring fans(nuh uh wont happen). i will be playing these games as much as i can to ignore the world burning around me and might come out of this none the wiser(nah im just saying this for dramatic flourish, this will never happen, you always learn new things!) but if you are one of the friends who has an interest in monster hunter(hi dex) i hope you will be reading these as i send them to you.

Well, off i go.