• new art and/or the subjectivity of finding something you like/value

  • everything you make has value because these is and was and will be nobody like you, nobody to put into words your experiences, into music, into film. people will relate to grand ideas like feeling bad, pain, joy, but nobody can relate to YOU. but someone will, not entirely to you being, but to something close, something still so personnal you will give them exactly what they needed. thus, your trash has value, you have value, you can make art and it will be okay.

  • the endless wall of doing nothing

  • You may come across a block that is not just "a lack of inspiration, an art block" or something like you usually being able to create but this time you are under the weather... the block may be something that seems completely illogical, something that cant just be solved tomorrow. this is speaking from personnal experience, so i cannot know if you saw the same ghost, but here we are. Listen carefully, just because you cannot create now, that dosent mean you will never be able to create anything in the future. you need help, and help is available. i wish you the best of luck in reaching out to anyone, i know its not easy.

  • meta

  • What do you do when you want to express a love for the medium you are using in particular, to break down the barrier between the reader and the medium. Why not use meta! reminding the reader they are reading may seen like a parlor trick at first, but if utilised with other elements, it can make even a bland story interesting on the level that you are deconstructing where you are in the point of view of the story.

  • Making something for everyone OR subjectivity vs artist

  • You cant make something that everyone likes. Broaden it too much and it becomes like anything else. Make it too niche and not a lot of people will want to experience it, or they will not relate to every single part.


  • Nat

  • They/Them
    they were me when i could not write. i started this project wanting to talk about executive dysfunction or whatever the fuck my affliction is. they have it, whatever i have that made me unable to write, it might be a bigger problem to do with neurodivergent people.

  • Cole
  • likes cola, a LOT. is kinda intense but in a positive way.