four progenitor beings of immense power they came together for a war they didn't even remember the space they made for battle is the bubble daros is inside after an infinity of battle against each other they grew weary of this endless pointless battle and killed each other in a murder suicide pact their bodies adrift for an eternity eventually coalesced into one being and thus TITAN woke up from there the god of life, made of four beings able to force this reality to change on a fundamental level, wanted life to continue going on because the bodies were not done being alive so from its shaking, all the matter in daros was flung from its frame, leaving its pristine powerful core and from its core it started to form the thrones the pillars of reality that dictate the rules of nature which is where the demigods woke from TITANs back, and saw the thrones the want of life kicked in and they started to punch each other for em eventually, 105 thrones were made and claimed and the first darosian era began also where the bodies fused and become one before division the four souls were unable to agree on anything even within themselves so they eventually shattered until there was 36 of them 105 gods of matter ruling in the light and 36 gods of soul, ruling in the shadow

God of luck "the god of luck is metaphorically and literally rolling the numbers of reality every outcome left up to chance is being rolled by its divine dice which don't have to be dice at all cards, wishes, glass shatterings, you name it, the god can read outcomes from it this both makes them necessary for reality to function and makes them fucking annoying to commune with becuase even dialogue options are rolled they are the chaos of numbers"